Other Projects

Bloemfontein assistance following a fire

Bloemfontein assistance following a fire –In January 2015, a fire broke out in a room in the Bloemfontein Hostel destroying valuable property and study material of two fourth year medical students. The cause was believed to be faulty electrical wiring. CoMSAA was able to replace all of the essential clinical equipment and textbooks for these students and also provided financial assistance around RS.100,000. 00 in cash.

Donation of money for the WassanaDiyawara project

The Executive Committee members donated money for the WassanaDiyawara project conducted by the AL 2010 batch. This is an annual project organized by the medical students in which they identify an underprivileged community and assist them by way of health screening and resource development.

Inter-batch Spelling Bee

In 2014, an Inter-batch Spelling Bee contest was held as a collaborative effort between Language Unit and CoMSAA, with the aim of promoting awareness among medical students on correct spelling. The trophy and tokens presented to the judges at the event were sponsored by CoMSAA.

Community Medicine Outreach Programme

  • A sum of Rs. 150,000.00 was donated by CoMSAA to the Community Medicine Outreach program of AL/2011 batch. This was following a request from the Head of Community Medicine Department. The program was useful in developing preventive health care strategies and community based interventions in rural communities.
  • Gift of Books by the Sri Lanka Medical Association of North America (Western Chapter) were donated to the Medical Library through CoMSAA.
  • Five ‘all in one’ computers and a network printer were donated to the library by the 1963 batch through CoMSAA.
  • Dr N Visveshwara donated six computers worth Rs 500,000.00 to the library though CoMSAA.

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