What is COMSAA and Objectives


Commenced in 2011 & activities in brief

What is COMSAA and our objectives

CoMSAA is the official association of the alumni of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, (UCFM). CoMSAA was formed in 2011.

  • Provide financial and infrastructural support for development of the UCFM.
  • Assist and support UCFM undergraduates with financial needs.
  • Promote academic/professional excellence among UCFM students.
  • Promote links between UCFM & Alumni.
  • Assist UCFM in establishing academic and professional collaborations.
  • Provide a forum for the alumni for fellowship and other activities.
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A Glimpse of COMSAA at the past


  • Donations of books worth 2 million and 11 computers to medical library.
  • Donation of piano, television, multimedia projector and furniture to Student’s Common Room.
  • Donation of chairs and tables to student study areas.

 Infrastructure development

  • Refurbishment of canteen and student study areas at a cost of Rs. 1.9 million.
  • Repairing and cushioning of sofas in student common room.
  • Air conditioning and renovating student study area at a cost of Rs. 815,684 .

Financial grants to students to participate in overseas academic activities

  • International Student Congress of Biomedical Sciences in Netherlands – 2 Students.
  • Inter-Medical Faculty Physiology Quiz in Malaysia– 5 students.
  • Inter-Medical Faculty Physiology Quiz in Indonesia 2015– 5 students
  • Representing university in International Table Tennis Tournament 2015 – 1 student
  • Champions of the 15th Inter university Physiology Quiz (IMSPQ) in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. 5 students.
  • Sponsorship for 2 Medical Students to present research papers –at the 25th World Cancer Conference Held in Rome They were granted Rs. 25000.00 each from CoMSAA as sponsorship.
  • Sports-Sponsorship was granted for three participants in the 12th UiTM International Sports   Fiesta 2017.  held from 2nd to 6th August 2017 in Malaysia (a sum of 90,000/=rupees were granted)

Financial support to needy students during period of undergraduate study

  • Monthly allowance of Rs 2000 for four students from CoMSAA funds.
  • SLMDA-UK/CoMSAA scholarship– Sri Lanka Medical and Dental Association of UK offered to initiate a scholarship of 140 Sterling pounds a year for 5 years. It was decided that Rs.3500.00 per month for 39 months.
  • Provision of Stethoscopes and textbooks worth Rs 300000 each year.

Monitoring and mediating financial awards from external donations

  • Annual Sumi Moonesinghe Award for best performer at the Basic Sciences Stream Examination (2 nd year) – One-time annual award of Rs 50000/=
  • Annual Walter Patrick award for excellence in Community Medicine – Monthly award of Rs 2000 for period of undergraduate study.
  • Stanley Wijesundera Financial Assistance Scheme: Monthly award of 4000/= is awarded for a student with periodic review.

Inter-batch Spelling Bee Competition of UCFM in 2014 Language unit & CoMSAA collaboration

Inaugural CoMSAA lecture by a non-medical professional to enhance knowledge on current topics (2017- By Mrs. Dilrukshi Dias Wickramasinghe Aditional solicitor general on Doctor and the Law)

Planned to continue as an annual event.

Assistance to students in times of crisis

  • Replacement of textbooks, clinical equipment of two students affected by Bloemfontein Hostel Fire– January 2015
  • Partial financial assistance from CoMSAA for LASIC surgery for a medical student with significant visual impairment affecting studies. (2017)
  • Flood relief-A sum of Rs.250,000/= donated by local and overseas alumni and well-wishers was distributed among 13 students who were adversely affected by 2017.

Annual Academic Sessions and Reunion

Held in September.

Research promotion among doctors and medical students.(2017)

A fixed deposit of Rs. 500,000/= was allocated for the activities of research promotion and as a first step a research workshop organized by RPFC (Research promotion and facilitation center) of the Faculty of Medicine Colombo was funded (Rs. 40,000/=).